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Software Development
Omitron employs a staff of highly-experienced software engineers who develop custom applications and integrate COTS/GOTS software to create a software solution that meets our customer's requirements. Our software development team has successfully delivered complete software systems starting with the requirements and proceeding through the maintenance phase to support the software system's full life-cycle.

Our developers are expert in many programming languages, development tools, and hardware platforms. This allows us to select the appropriate language or languages for implementation.
The team is familiar with developing and testing software in real-time environments, such as satellite control centers. Therefore, we are proficient dealing with the unique challenges of developing a highly reliable system linking COTS, GOTS, and custom software running in a networked, multi-platform workstation environment. We have experience developing automated processes as well as workstation-based and web-based interactive applications. Secure remote access to data and applications is an integral capability for many of our customer's systems.

Our development team has many years of experience in the aerospace domain. They are familiar with current NASA, DoD, and NOAA institutional assets and the science and engineering issues unique to space-related systems.

Omitron's Civil Space Programs division has been appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 2. Through the use of disciplined development methods, Omitron's software engineers are able to produce software solutions with the necessarily functionality on required schedule and within desired cost.

Highlights of Recent Software Development Work

Robotic Refueling Omitron designed and implemented custom applications and integrated GOTS for the telemetry and commanding user interface.
Fermi (GLAST) Omitron designed and implemented custom applications, modified GOTS, and integrated COTS for the Fermi Mission Operations Center and for the Science Support Center.
Swift Omitron designed and implemented custom applications, modified GOTS, and integrated COTS for the Swift Mission Operations Center.
Timeline Management Tool Omitron designed and implemented a web-based application to manage and plan ground commanded spacecraft.
SADIE Omitron implemented a web-based system to analyze and manage information about large, complex ground system networks.
Hubble Space Telescope Omitron developed software to test various components of the HST including the vehicle electrical system and the new science instruments.

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